Tis the Season for Energy Efficiency

Dec01 2009 // By: RESCUE GREEN // Categories: Sustainability, Green Building No Comments

Tis the season for higher energy bills. As homeowners labor away hanging holiday lights and displays, the spirit of the holiday season is felt by all–that is if you don’t have to foot the electricity bill. Fortunately, saving on costs doesn’t mean cutting tradition. Hanging LED lights are a great energy efficient alternative, they use 90% less energy, last up to 100,000 hours, and are energy star approved. But what if you were hosting an international climate change summit at your home? The LED lighting strategy might not be enough to promote reducing global emissions and curbing climate change.

In honor of the holiday season and climate change, Copenhagen’s City Hall Square will not be using energy efficient LED lighting. The 17-meter high tree in the center of the square will be powered by bicycles – when peddled they will light up the 700 LED bulbs on the tree. A perfect fit for a country that is the leader in bicycle transportation.

As host to the 2009 Climate Change Summit, the city of Copenhagen is setting the stage for what will hopefully be a successful and effective international conference. As we are well aware, the purpose of these talks is to address greenhouse gas emissions, which fuels climate change and indirectly affects societies around the globe. The goal is to reach an agreement on several commitments outlined by Reuters. The commitments are broad and specific, ranging from carbon markets to rich country aid, ultimately aiming to curb global warming before reaching the breaking point.

Here in the United States climate change legislation is looking dim. The bill passed by the House of Representatives known as the Waxman-Markey bill, is now in the Senate awaiting review. Not to mention our poor track record with previous international climate change talks. However, we do not need to wait around to climate change legislation to be proactive about climate change and sustainability. As a consumer, there are several ways to make the holiday season sustainable. Here are some great tips that you can use to decrease your impact on the environment and of course to green your walet.

Gift Wrapping – use fabric, paper bags, and other materials around the house. Great activity for the family – decorate and be creative!
Tree – while searching for the best tree make sure it has intact roots. This way you can plant it after the holiday.
Decorations – use LED holiday lights. Also available are solar-powered snowflake lights.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let us know your holiday green tips!