The New School Year is Almost Upon Us. Great Products for the Green College Student!

Aug02 2010 // By: RESCUE GREEN // Categories: Sustainability, Green Building No Comments

With all the things we buy to prepare students for their time at college, why not be GREEN about it?  There are many products out there that help students be productive in their learning environment while also helping the global environment.

From backpacks and notebooks made from recycled materials to organic sheets and Brita water filters, the ways of cutting back each student’s carbon footprint are too many to name.

For the writers or people who love their pens but always seem to lose them, pick up a pack of DBA pens (3 for $9).  They are 98% biodegradable, are manufactured at a wind-powered plant, and come in a fully recyled package.  Who knew that choosing your pen type could help cut down on the amount of materials that end up in the waste stream.

Every college student needs a mini-fridge for those late night snacks and nice cold energy drinks.  Cut down on water bottle use by keeping a full Brita water pitcher in your very own energy saving EnergyStar MicroFridge.

As most colleges are now packed to the brim with students, institutions are cutting back on their allowence for students to have cars on campus.  Why not go green, use some of your own energy, and exericise by commuting around town and school by bike.  Afraid of the common campus bike theif?  Answer: Dahon folding bikes!  There are various models that can easily allow you to fold down the bike, carry it into class and back up to your dorm room for safe keeping.  It’s a good investment when you think of what you would save on gas, oil changes, and basic car maintanence when you only really need to go short distances.

To see a few more products that will keep you or your student green click here.