Plant Room Clips on to Existing Apartments, Provides Food and Energy

Aug02 2010 // By: RESCUE GREEN // Categories: Sustainability, Sustainable Materials No Comments

As a person who studies design, I found this construction of a “clip-on” porch quite interesting.  This attachment onto the usual apartment complex, allows for the owners to take advantage of the sun and rain as a resource.  They are able to grow a nice green area, perhaps full of a few vegetables and herbs.  Definitely the perfect place for an herb garden.

This ledge not only allows for some greenery to enjoy while having your morning cup of joe, but fuctions as a place to collect rain water, hang your clothes to dry, or even as your own space to install a few solar panels to assist with those wonderful electric bills.  This idea could only help, allowing more of the outside in to the usually more confined apartment walls, leaving you with a better state of mind by being able to escape to your own personal outdoor retreat.

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