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New Hope Homes

Project Type
Senior Affordable Housing

Client Name
New Hope Homes LLP

Long Beach, Ca

Services Provided
Sustainability Consulting, Landscape Design, Mechanical Design, General Construction

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As funding becomes more competitive lending institutions are looking for applicants that are perusing sustainable design and construction goals in their projects. Green capital/physical needs assessments is a variation of the traditional assessments as it focuses on systems and opportunities that can benefit from a more sustainable method of construction.


• Green Capital/Physical Needs   Assessments
• Energy Modeling
• Rebate Allocation Opportunities


When perusing Sustainability in new construction projects, the planning process starts with the acquisition of the land. Rescue Green’s expertise in both real estate and construction allows our clients to have the most robust information on all points of view that may need to be considered in choosing a property. Questions like proximity to local transportation and services, weather the property is a green field or if it any general construction conditions. With Rescue Green on your team, yo can expect knowledge, expertise and you can rely on us to take any project on the right path to sustainability.


• Land purchase representation
• Sustainability Consulting
• Land Evaluation


The Design process is the leading area of opportunity to transform any project to a sustainable one without disrupting a construction budget. More often than not, clients come to us looking for assistance at the construction stage. Without the proper planning cost overruns will happen when trying to implement sustainability in a project at construction. As a Design/Build team or a consultant on your existing team, RESCUE Green can provide the necessary insight and resources to make any project a successful and sustainable one.


• Design/Build
• Design Assistance
• Sustainability Consulting


With much of the key planning done at the design phase, proper implementation and execution is key to budgets and timelines. Whether RESCUE Green is your general contractor or on your team as the sustainability consultant, our experience and resources are the key to successfully completing your sustainable project. We support various construction delivery methods including: General Contractor, Design/Build, Prime Project Manager, Integrated Project Delivery, Lean Construction and Consulting.


• Design/Build
• Project Management
• Sustainability Consulting


As energy costs continue to rise, Energy will continue to be a major focus in sustainable design and construction. The first step in minimizing energy consumption is understanding where and how energy is being used in your building. RESCUE Green specializes in energy audits that look at the whole building, not just typical energy systems. RESCUE Greens audits are key to developing a scope of work that will produce long term sustainable solutions to energy consumptions.


• Energy Audits
• Renewable Energy Assessment


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a nationally recognized rating system for sustainable design and construction. RESCUE Green has been involved in LEED projects for over 8 years, working with owners and building professionals to successfully document and maneuver through the LEED rating system. Our experience and custom software will increase the efficiency of implementing a LEED rating system to your project.


• Sustainability Consulting
• Incentive Management
• Construction Verification &   Ratings


Building commissioning provides documented confirmation that the building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy the owners’ operational needs. A systematic process that extends through all phases of a construction, renovation or retrofit project from concept through occupancy. Commissioning allows owners to experience a reduction in construction and operating cost, fewer change orders, and fewer construction delays. Operators experience properly operating systems, fewer occupancy complaints, proper training on systems, and all O&M manuals.


• Building Commissioning
• Retro Commissioning