January 2010


Stop Going Green

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The headline reads like a manifesto against where you think we should be focused now. What you say? Who is this madman espousing the opposition’s mandate. After all – climate change is a hoax. Well isn’t it? Thousands of scientists creating bogus data and trying to snow Al Gore. Who’s also trying to snow us? The Kyoto Accord (treaty) asked for voluntary reductions in GHG’s. There haven’t been any. Voluntary actions by governments don’t work. But read on there is merit and good reasoning in the following thought pattern. The future calls for bold actions not just making yourself feel good from buying a Prius, or recycling newspapers. Oh wait, yeah, there is no recycling market right now and those dutiful trash separators are outta work.

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Energy Recovery Ventillators

Jan27 2010 // By: RESCUE GREEN // Categories: Sustainability, Green Building No Comments

The last couple of years have left me observing what an interesting time we are at when comparing the business climate, the social climate, and well, the climate climate. In spite of the business climate having about bottomed out, we actually see a desire by building owners to implement steps to be more environmentally friendly. Sometimes the bottom line dissuades these owners, but everyone is certainly talking about it and at least investigating what steps they can incorporate in their project.

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The Power of Alternative Energy

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Southern California is now poised to generate clean renewable energy that will help fuel its society and economy for generations to come. The state is geographically located in an area where renewable energy is available in the form of geothermal, wind, and solar. Plentiful solar energy allows for extraction of other energy derivatives, such as biofuels. Numerous issues, however, must be addressed in order to transition California from dependency on fossil fuels and imported natural gas to reliance on California’s own renewable energy. This article will focus on the issues related to bringing solar energy produced in the high desert area of Southern California’s San Bernardino County to local consumers.

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