August 2009


Cost and Benefits of Environmental Action

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In most situations, businesses, individuals, and families weigh the costs and benefits associated with certain actions, projects, and investments, in order to choose the best possible solution. Hence, the name Cost-Benefit Analysis or CBA. This seems like a practical and logical way to make decisions, however when considering environmental action several issues arise.

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The Power of the Tides

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These days surfers aren’t the only ones searching for powerful waves during low and high tide. Scientists are tapping into the power of the tides as a renewable source of energy. Most of the attention is usually on solar or wind power, however, wave power is still developing and can be a promising source of energy. Annette von Jouanne a professor of electrical engineering at Oregon State University and a team of graduate students have tested this new technology (NY Times). The prototype uses the steady motion of waves to generate energy.

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Environmental Kuznets Curve

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The controversial Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) theory states that as countries continue to grow economically and per capita income increases environmental degradation will peak and then decrease. Thus, giving the curve the “inverted u-shape”. As Leigh Raymond states in his paper “Reconsidering the Environmental Kuznets Curve”, “this would mean countries can ‘grow’ their way economically out of their environmental problems,” however there are several downsides in using economic growth as environmental policy.

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Water Conservancy

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Water is a basic human right. We need water to grow food and replenish our body. Why then does the California water crisis have only few worried? Like all natural resources, water is no exception to the “tragedy of the commons.” Survival is a basic human instinct, prompting us to maximize our personal consumption of resources like water, food, and land.

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California Leads in Green Building

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The California Building Standards Commission Announced the Nation’s First Green Building Standards Code which became effective August 1, 2009. The new codes aim to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality, material conservation, water efficiency, and resource efficiency. Below is a summary of important highlights from the new building code:

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