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In the pursuit of a more sustainable construction industry, RESCUE Green strives to make a positive impact on the future by providing services that combat social and economic issues, as well as respecting and safeguarding the environment. We continually monitor and adapt our activities to ensure that they meet the wide range of building regulations and other national standards for sustainability.

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As natural resources continue to diminish RESCUE Green supports our customer’s goals by providing access to sustainable materials,energy efficient systems, low fuel and water consumingproducts. Sustainable construction has both the opportunity and responsibility to affect positive change in the environment. Our philosophy is based on the principal that what is good for the environment can also be good for business.

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Sustainable buildings reduce human impact on the environment while creating healthier places for us to live, work, learn, and play. They use energy and water more efficiently, thereby reducing operating costs and pollution while utilizing a higher percentage of recycled, reclaimed and locally sourced materials. These buildings will impact our future by ensuring that society recognizes sustainable construction as the norm instead of as an option.

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As part of the integrated design approach RESCUE Green encourages projects to seek feedback from their local community. This process ensures a community “buy in” into projects that may otherwise incurred push back or in many cases has help the project see possible design and function approaches that may have not been previously considered.

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The change in the dominant habitat of world population makes the process of urbanization to be amount the most significant global trends of the twenty-first century. Cities and urban places in general now occupy the centre stage in global development. They no longer function as mere spaces for settlement, production and services. They now, profoundly shape and influence social and political relations at every level. RESCUE Green recognizes the need to be more energy efficient and vigilante of natural resources in today’s world.

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RESCUE Green’s mission, vision and core values all surround the development and redevelopment of sustainable construction. Providing our clients with the necessary tools and services to successfully accomplish their sustainable goals will continue to be at the core of RESCUE Green principals.


We offer a complete suite of Sustainable Building Services for new and existing buildings.

  • LEED Certification Consulting
  • Building Commissioning
  • Solar Energy Design/Build Services
  • Energy Management Services
  • HERS Rating


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